Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Need a Hero

Yes, I’m in Bonnie Tyler mode (without the big hair). The last 10 weeks have been very stressful. I was lucky enough to sell my house twelve days before Thanksgiving, and had to be out within seven days. That’s good news, right?

I’m holding out for a hero till the end of the night.

Except I hadn’t been house hunting. I mean, who expects to sell around the holidays? So for 10 weeks, I’ve been living with my BFF and her family while I look for a house. My running total of houses seen is 38. (So if you’re thinking about looking at a house in the Louisville area, just ask. I’ve probably been in it at some point.) I’ve got a place to live and I’m already much closer to work (my goal in moving). So that’s good, right?

He’s gotta be strong.

Except when I packed and stuffed everything into storage, I thought I’d only be homeless for a month. Meaning all of my books, including research books, all my pens and papers and notes are sitting in a Space Center Storage locker. At least everything’s safe and dry. So that’s good, right?

And he’s gotta be fast.

Except I need to check some facts for accuracy. At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I stare at my computer, my fingers aching from hours of hovering in the ready position. I need my things around me. For ten weeks I’ve pretty much stared at the same old words with the same new ideas swirling around in my head but never making the leap from brain to fingers to screen. But given that I’m losing my phone an average of twice a day, and I’m losing thoughts in the middle of sentences, maybe this isn’t so bad, right?

And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight.

Except all this aimless confusion is driving me crazy! That’s why I need a hero. Not the kind that saves the day, but someone to show me how to survive. How to thrive. How to conquer.
Creating these heroes is why I write. It’s why I read. It’s also why I bought a second copy of The Hunger Games (my other is in storage and I need it NOW.) It’s why I’ve watched Lord of the Rings. It’s why I’ve re-watched Sherrilyn Kenyon’s 2011 Awards Luncheon Speech on RWA enotes (Volume 11, Issue 14. If you haven’t seen/heard this, it’s incredibly inspiring!)
I need epic. I need larger than life. I need a fighting spirit that won’t quit.
Which is why I’ve become fascinated with a new hero. A different breed of hero. I found him on YouTube and he’s absolutely indomitable. Unstoppable. He’s everything I need to be.

Who's your hero, Baby?


The Jammie Girl said...

One of my favorite 80's songs AND the honey badger? I can stop reading blogs posts now. I've found the most inspirational of the day :)

Kristin Lenz said...

Hahaha! Very funny, Lisa. Perfect note to end my Monday morning internet browsing. I know what you mean about feeling discombobulated during a move. I had to live with my brother for a couple months when I moved from California back to Michigan, and I wasted so much time puttering around his house, feeling out of sorts, stressing over details - time that I should have been writing. Congrats on cranking out a great blog post in the midst of chaos, and good luck getting settled soon.

Lisa Tapp said...

Thanks Angie. The honey badger does rock. I think I need more of his 'full throttle' attitude.
And Kristin, you give me hope that things really will settle down once I move to a more permanent home. Thanks.

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Wow, only seven days. That's unreal.

I love your idea of a hero, Kristin. :D

Kurt Hampe said...

Look at it this way, you're collecting lots of good story material.

We spent six weeks between homes, living in a tiny room at the Suburban Lodge. The place was only slightly less sureal than the houses we looked at.

Lisa Tapp said...

Hi Stina! Hi Kurt! Thanks for stopping by. I do think there will come a time when I'll laugh about this experience. And I'm trying to pay attention to the feelings of homelessness. You're right, they will come in handy.

Suburban Lodge? For six weeks? I feel like such a wimp now! :)

Stephsco said...

The idea of moving completely overwhelms me, so maybe it's good the recession hit and we're stuck where we are for now. Seriously though, hang in there! You have a good BFF!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a hero sometimes...

I have to say, though, you are very lucky to have sold your house so quickly, given the current market. It could be worse! But I wish you the best of luck in your house hunt...and a hero.

Colette Ballard said...

Oh Lisa, I feel for you! It's so tough being in between homes. Writing in complete sentences can be tough enough sometimes without the added stress of moving
: ) i wish you much luck!!

Colette Ballard said...

Oh Lisa, I feel for you! It's so tough being in between homes. Writing in complete sentences can be tough enough sometimes without the added stress of moving
: ) i wish you much luck!!