Monday, February 4, 2013

My Bookshelf Brings All the Boys to the Yard...

I was at a lost when it came to this blog post. I just finished line edits on my NA (new adult) FRIGID and my brain is really dead, which is especially bad because I need to jump back into Sentinel before four more edits roll in. Yes. You read that correctly. I’m expected four edits, all of them in first round. Ouch. So I took to Facebook and asked people what they would like to see me blog about.

Here are some of the highlights:
1.     Write about Valentine’s Day.
2.     Write about being brain dead
3.     Write about the death of Twinkies and how it will have a catastrophic effect on Sara when someone breaks her heart
4.     Write about Jayne’s extremely odd allergy to mangos.

I actually got a lot of good ideas for the future, but for today, I settled on a bookshelf tour—a tour of my bookshelves. Be prepared. They’re messy. In no order. It’s chaos. 

 So here is two of the shelves and my Chicago hat, plus a eat more chicken thing.

A glance at one of the top shelves. Hey. I do put books in series order for the most part.

This is my stash of books I do giveaways from
 My copies of my books plus Gizmo, a sticker from Jena, and fan-made bracelets
 I've lost the rest of the HP books. Sad face.

Another slew of books

 A different top shelf
All my swag stashes. Well not all. The rest is in the closet
 Gamble Brothers posters

Tons of paperbacks stacked two rows deep

Opal poster and my proclamation 

The Covenant wall plus a glass skull (don't ask) and a really old Ouija board. 

Hope you enjoyed!

And now I have that damn milkshake song stuck in my head.


Karen C said...

Saw loads of books I recognise from my own shelves there :) so very sad you lost your HP books :(

Vi Win Win said...

Love this!!! Ah, those posters are freaking awesome!

Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
Deity Island

Unknown said...

That's an awesome collection I think if I got all my books together(outta storage,the closets, in boxes under beds) I may have that many books. Yes I'm an unorganized but VERY organized person(hey I know where everything is well most of the time) On a different note my oldest daughter(18) walked by she happened to see your "I love Zombies" thing and said "you have got to get me one of those" lol